Find your

VOX®, designed for the unique
needs of your business.

Why choose VOX®?

Your success has helped you grow from a small to a mid-size business owner, and your financial needs are changing. Your business needs a powerful financial tool as it grows and evolves. A partner that provides you the flexibility you deserve to protect your hard-earned cash flow.

That's why we created the VOX® Business Card — an innovative card specifically for companies like yours, delivering the credit power and adaptability you need to manage the cash flow of your business.

No annual fee,*

merchandise and
cash1 rewards, for
your everyday
business credit

Your voice. Your card.

reduction in processing costs

improvement in cycle time per transaction

approximate savings per transaction

average price reduction
from vendors
by using purchasing card spending data to negotiate higher discounts for goods and services from vendors


VOX® gives you the opportunity to earn points on everyday qualified purchases.†† With each purchase you make, you're closer to earning incredible travel, merchandise and cash1 rewards.

One card does it all

  • With each $1 in qualified purchases you earn 1 point.††
  • Use your points for travel, merchandise and cash1 rewards.
  • There is no limit to how many points you can earn and they can be redeemed up to three years after they are awarded.
  • Our travel center is your own concierge service for airline tickets, car rental, cruises and more!
  • Our gift card selection offers over 100 different retailers and restaurants.

All this—with no annual fee,* EVER

Need better business
We made it easy.

The VOX® Business Card includes complete and accurate reporting that
you can access online and customize to the specific needs of your business.

Robust program management and reporting

  • Save time, money and resources by paying with one card.
  • Manage all your expenses with complete, customizable
    online reporting options.
  • Easily access transaction data to negotiate better
    terms with suppliers.
  • Make better informed business decisions based on greater
    visibility of company-wide spending.

A card that adapts
to your business.

High value
credit limit

A generous
credit limit

One card

Use VOX for
your company's
Travel &

to revolve

Pay in full each
month or revolve
at a low, selected
interest rate when
you want to retain
cash on hand.

The breakthrough VOX® Business Card is a powerful and innovative financial tool that adapts to the way you run your company. With a high value credit limit, robust online program management, business rewards and flexible minimum payment options, you can use one card for both Purchasing and Travel & Entertainment expenses.

Powerful benefits

  • Select your purchase interest rate based on the minimum
    payment amount you choose.
  • Pay in full each month or revolve at a low, selected
    interest rate
    when you want to retain cash on hand.
  • This single card solution can offer your company
    increased efficiency
    by reducing the number
    of accounts and cards in circulation.

How can I "pay more to pay less" and
select my interest rate?

When you apply for the VOX® Business Card,
you can choose your minimum payment—10%, 25%,
50% or 100% of your outstanding balance—and each
minimum has a corresponding interest on purchases.*
VOX adapts to your business needs: Pay 100% of your
outstanding balance to avoid interest charges, or make
your minimum payment when you need more cash on hand.

* View legal disclosures for a Summary of Credit Terms.

We've got your
business covered.

No matter the type or size of your business, we have a card for you.

Low rates and helpful features for small
businesses ($1–$5 MM revenue)

  • Business Edition® Card
  • Business Edition® Card with
    Absolute Rewards®

Higher credit limits and financial flexibility for
mid-sized businesses ($5–$25 MM revenue)

  • VOX® Business Card

Financial power and robust reporting for
larger companies ($25+ MM revenue)

  • Commercial Edition® Card
  • Purchasing Edition® Card
Business Edition® Business Edition® with Absolute Rewards® Commercial Edition® Purchasing Edition®
Business Size $1-$5 MM $5-$25 MM $25 MM+
Credit Line Up to $50,000 $50,000-$250,0000 $250,000+
Designed to Revolve X X X
Select Purchase Interest Rate* at Application X
Designed for T&E Usage X X X X
Designed for Procurement Usage X X
Online Account Access X X X X X
Online Account Reporting and Management X X X
Rewards For Business X X
Revenue Share X X